Always Buy From Factory Authorized SEBO Dealers - SEBO products are to be sold only through authorized retail stores and internet sites. Therefore, before you make a purchase, it is extremely important to verify that the sales outlet you choose is truly an Authorized SEBO Dealer. To find an authorized outlet, please use the "Dealer Locator" feature on this website. Purchasing a SEBO vacuum from an authorized source will guarantee genuine products, valid warranty coverage, and easy access to bags, filters, accessories, replacement parts and repair services.
Avoiding Internet Scams - ALL SEBO VACUUMS SOLD OR DISPLAYED ON UNAUTHORIZED WEB SITES OR ON EBAY OR OTHER AUCTION SITES ARE OFFERED BY UNAUTHORIZED OUTLETS, SO THE PRODUCTS MAY BE USED, NOT GENUINE, OR MAY NOT CARRY VALID WARRANTIES. SEBO America routinely scours the internet to verify that only authorized SEBO outlets are offering its products. However, unauthorized internet "dealers" arise from time-to-time, and they may attempt to mislead prospective SEBO customers. Therefore, never buy SEBO vacuums from unauthorized outlets because they do not have an account with SEBO America, so they are not a source for genuine SEBO bags, filters, replacement parts and repair services.