SEBO's How-to Videos give you quick and easy instructions about the most common vacuum cleaner maintenance procedures. Choose your model and click on the link for the procedure you need. Then, a short video will play to help you with routine tasks, such as changing a bag, filter or brush roller.

SEBO products are built to last and should provide years of trouble-free use. However, basic maintenance is needed to keep our vacuums performing optimally and avoid repairs.

SEBO Vacuums - Made in Germany

Regardless of model type, the most important maintenance procedures are to:

  • Change vacuum bags when full.
  • Remove excessive hair or debris build-up on brush roller bristles.
  • Replace brush rollers or brush strips when bristles are worn out.
  • Immediately remove any clog or obstruction from the airflow pathway.
  • Replace vacuum filters when they become too dirty, usually every 10 to 20 bags.


  • Machine assembly
  • Operating instructions
  • Change a full filter bag
  • Change micro & exhaust filters
  • Clean or replace brush roller
  • Clean or replace brush strip
  • Replace worn "sealing strip"
  • Clog removal
  • Proper cleaning wand insertion