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Anti-Scam for ESSENTIAL G2


If you’ve already made a purchase elsewhere but it does not look exactly like the corresponding photo displayed here, please return it and ask for a refund.

If you have not yet purchased your desired item, buy it from this website, a local SEBO Dealer or its associated website.  Check our Dealer Locator for the closest authorized store.

SEBO DOES NOT RECOMMEND THIRD-PARTY WEBSITES, SUCH AS AMAZON, WALMART.COM, AND EBAY, because they have many UNAUTHORIZED SELLERS with false, hidden, or disguised identities!  Although a few legitimate Authorized Dealers can be found on some third-party websites, we do not guarantee such purchases are genuine.


Using genuine SEBO bags, filters, and service boxes that are designed for your USA 110/120-volt vacuum cleaner ensure that your incredible, multi-year warranty remains valid!

The problems caused by counterfeit bags and filters are:

  • Poor cleaning performance, due to stifled or reduced suction.
  • Poor filtration and dirt leaks that lead to dirt spewing into the air.
  • Mechanical failure or inability to operate.