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All SEBO vacuum-cleaner models offer standard warranty coverage of seven years on motors and five years on non- wear parts and labor charges. However, the purpose of the Onyx Collection is to promote SEBO’s FREE WARRANTY BONUS that extends factory warranty coverage to a total of ten-years motor, ten-years non-wear parts, and seven- years labor!

Onyx Collection vacuum cleaners are sold exclusively in-store by SEBO’s “Authorized Dealers,” but never online. The reason for the Collection’s in-store exclusivity is to ensure that buyers have on-site dealer assistance with their Bonus Registrations. Using a dealer-supplied code, buyers obtain their extended warranty coverage by completing a simple online registration, located at Immediately thereafter, new 10/10/7 Warranty Certificates are sent to buyers via e-mail.

The Onyx Collection also offers optional attachments that can make cleaning your home easier. Choose the vacuum model that best suits your flooring needs and enjoy the comfort of knowing that it’s covered by an unmatched, hassle-free warranty!

The WARRANTY BONUS can be applied to all SEBO vacuum cleaner models of any color, not just the Onyx Collection units (power heads sold separately are excluded).

PLEASE NOTE: The FREE WARRANTY BONUS does NOT apply to SEBO vacuum cleaners purchased from “Third- party Websites,” such as Amazon and, because they have many UNAUTHORIZED SELLERS with false, hidden, or disguised identities, which means they have no access to genuine replacement parts, factory- trained technicians, and labor-cost reimbursements!