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Corded-Electric Vacuums Provide Superior Cleaning Effectiveness – Battery-powered tools, such as drills and even larger items like lawnmowers, currently dominate the mainstream marketplace. So, when considering a new

vacuum cleaner, one might think that battery-powered models are the logical choice. Not at SEBO! Typical SEBO users want their homes as clean as possible, so they are not willing to accept the compromises that come with battery-powered vacuum cleaners.

Ease of Use – When using a corded vacuum cleaner, managing its power cord is sometimes a hassle. But when comparing the extra effort of managing a power cord to a battery unit’s ever diminishing battery capacity, experiencing a low charge when a full charge is needed, and persistently weak suction, many people prefer the everyday reliability of corded vacuum cleaners.

Seeing is Believing - Comparing the cleaning effectiveness of corded vacuum cleaners to battery- powered units is difficult to see. However, leaf blowers easily provide

a visual comparison. Battery- powered leaf blowers are popular because they are convenient, have no cord to manage, and they blow leaves and dust out of the way. However, they cannot move heavier debris, such as small sticks and pebbles, damp leaves, and pine needles! For such jobs, corded leaf blowers easily move the things that battery units cannot.

Power for Tough Jobs – When dealing with stubborn dirt, deep-pile carpets, or challenging surfaces, corded vacuums often provide superior suction power and cleaning performance compared to battery-powered models.

Consistent Power – Corded vacuum cleaners are powered directly from electrical outlets, ensuring consistent suction power throughout the cleaning session. On the other hand, battery-powered vacuums may experience a decline in suction as their batteries drain, leading to inconsistent cleaning performance.

No Charging Time – Corded vacuums

are always ready to use, with no downtime for charging required. This is particularly advantageous for large cleaning tasks or spontaneous clean-ups because waiting for a battery to charge can be inconvenient.

Extended Cleaning Sessions – Since corded vacuums don't rely on battery life, you can tackle extensive cleaning sessions without interruptions. This is especially beneficial for deep-cleaning tasks or covering large areas without the need to pause and recharge.
Lower Cost – Corded vacuum

cleaners typically have lower upfront costs compared to their battery-powered counterparts. Additionally, you don't need to invest in replacement batteries over time, which can add up to significant savings in the long run.

No Battery Degradation – Over time,

the battery life of rechargeable vacuums tends to degrade, leading to shorter usage times and eventually necessitating battery replacements. Corded vacuums, however, maintain their full power potential throughout their lifespan.

No Weight from Batteries – Battery-powered vacuums often carry the weight of the battery pack, which can make them heavier and more cumbersome to maneuver, particularly for extended cleaning sessions. Corded vacuums, being free from battery packs, are typically lighter and easier to handle.

Environmentally Friendly – Corded

vacuums have a lower environmental impact since they don't contribute to the waste generated by battery replacements. Instead, they rely on the electricity grid, which is becoming increasingly powered by renewable energy sources, further reducing their carbon footprint.

While battery-powered vacuums offer convenience and portability, corded vacuum cleaners remain the preferred choice for those prioritizing consistent power, extended cleaning sessions, lower cost, and environmental sustainability.